Chore chart, weekly and extra sections

Happyism, Inc.

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These permanently printed acrylic chore charts are great for kids. Creates a great way to stay organized with chores. They are elegant and minimalistic, with the beautifully mounted standoffs. Personalize this chart with any text at the top and any headings for the bottom two sections. We can change the font and text for the headings. Use wet or dry erase markers with these.

What's included?
- Custom printed premium quality acrylic calendar
- 4 standoffs (8 standoffs for 46"x29" size)
- 1 fine point wet erase marker
- Hanging instructions

- Professionally printed on the backside of the clear acrylic
- Flame polished edges
- Thick, premium acrylic used (1/8" thick for smaller sizes, 1/4" thick for 35" or larger sizes)

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