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    Your happiness and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us at Happyism, Inc. We love what we do, and we look forward to creating personalized items for you.


    Hello! We're Jenni, Breck, Reece, Stella, and Everly (due September 2019) he family behind Happyism, Inc.

    It was February of 2014, and I was looking for a way to bring in a little extra income while raising and enjoying time with my 10 month old baby girl, Reece. That's when I decided to take a leap of faith and start Happyism.

    Happyism was created in February 2014 with the creation of personalized hangers. Breck and I decided to expand our item offerings in 2015 and added engravers to our shop. It is truly a dream come true. It's so fulfilling to receive expressions of pure joy after receiving our items and see videos of the happiness radiating off people receiving their gifts.

    On a more personal level, family is the most important thing in the world to me. Reece is now 4 years old and full of life. She brings so much inspiration and happiness to my life. My husband, Breck, is incredible! He's my rock and partner in the expansion of Happyism, Inc. We now have our second child on the way, Stella, due in December. Reece is so excited to be a big sister, and we are all looking forward to our growing family.

    We look forward to creating personalized gifts for you and are beyond thankful for all of our customers. Our goal is to make sure you're happy with our products. We'll be progressively adding more items and offerings, so look out for us :)



    Jenni (Founder, Owner, Designer)

    Hello! I'm Jenni, the founder of Happyism, Inc. I feel incredibly blessed to spend every day with my sweet daughters, Reece & Stella, and (soon-to-be) Everly, and my husband, Breck. I'm a proud alumni of the University of Florida (B.A. Business Administration).. I love God, Softball, Coffee, Arts & Crafts, and Traveling.


    Breck (Owner, Operations Manager)

    Hi! My name is Breck, I'm the CEO, Chief Engraver Operator. I'm lucky enough to work along side Jenni and Destiny and help create unique items. Jenni and our daughters Reece, Stella, and (soon-to-be) Everly are my happiness.


    Destiny (Maker, Packager)

    Hi, my name is Destiny. I have a wonderful husband, I am easy going, spiritual, I enjoy a good laugh and I like to travel.